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All our tracks are Live Recordings, this is what we sound like, LIVE.

Photography by Ron Johnson


Question was, Who were the original Symphonics. 

The group started in 2002. The members were; Steve Vervaet, Michael Schiavo, Rich Gutches and Joel Katz. Joel left the group after a few months and was replaced by Gary Bonner who wrote the song Happy Together and performed by Flo and Eddie (The Turtles). Gary left the group after 6 months and was replaced by Ron Febba. The group continued on until 2011 when it was revamped to the current lineup. Steve Vervaet, Michael Schiavo, Jason Gecek and Howard Hulin. We should have called the group MAGIC. It take's 7 people or more to create the sound that we produce with 4. We found that we can give a great show at an affordable price. We can perform from small parties to major events.         

The picture below is from our first gig.

Rich, Steve, Michael and Gary.

Todays Group 2015

Jason, Howard, Michael and Steve

Start To The Summer Concerts 

We had a wonderful night 6/17/15 starting the summer concert season in Clinton. Our friends DESIRE were also on the show. It was the first time our groups have performed on the same stage. Check our website often, you don't want to miss the magic. Picture with DESIRE singing Happy Birthday to Troy.See you soon, Steve, Mike, Jason and Howard.


What is everyone doing for the weekend, the weather should be perfect.
Take a look at our new website and let us know what you think.
Stay safe and see you soon.

The Symphonics 

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All our tracks are Live Recordings, this is what we sound like, LIVE.
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    Thanks Karen
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    You!t the best!


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